About important decisions: Friday!


End of the day, tired, my colleague and me were talking a bit depressed about this as well as our malediction of these times: everything is always late, indecisive clients, late payments, works theoretically at the end still in progress, our decisions to take that we continue to procrastinate. Why Italians think to live a worse crisis than the others? And I’m sure about this, not because of the economic data, because of our less solid richness, because of obsolete skills, corrupted and inefficient bureaucracy, pathetic politicians, etc. (it reminds me of the refrain of an old Alberto Fortis song).

We are contaminated by lack of decision, we are only able to postpone, and nowadays this is a misfortune! The days that we live are days of change, of the global world, of the new and sudden problems in each single person life, of the lack of credibility of all the various traditional ways of aggregation and help, that we lived and trusted in the past and now we think they have betrayed us. We don’t have now someone or something sure to replace with. Rules, perspectives, aims, values change, and all our certainties are breaking down.
We asked to ourselves: “why do we postpone, why don’t we conclude, don’t we decide?”. Because there is always the fear to mistake, not to be understood, to be judged. But also this motivation doesn’t seem a sufficient explication, it doesn’t explain the state of passivity in entirety, the state of “mal di vivere” that we feel.
This crisis with all its effects on every single person undermines the personal identity. Losing a job or also “just” perceiving to live a situation of work or one’s activity uncertainty risks to let us lose the necessary serenity to enjoy all the dimensions of our life, also sooner than the fear for not finding a new job and the fear of the economic problem. Immediately, as first effect, it doesn’t let us have a brilliant performance in the relations with others. It breaks the existence and questions our life project, it exposes us to the risk of a block in our life, to complicate our social life and of relationship.
If we don’t want to ruin ourselves waiting and if we don’t want to make the damage worse, we must force ourselves to choose immediately. We must commit ourselves to begin a project. There is the risk that it isn’t right, but it can be reduced, if we are modest enough to ask for help and to find someone that can give it to us.
The first positive result is perceptible immediately: we can enjoy the dialogue of our project of future without negative anxieties and not feeling it like our loss and our trouble. Friday is the best day to decide. Have a good weekend, Monday will start again “a gran carriera”.



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